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The latest version is v1.4.0 (Released date: July 9, 2019)

  • Each Maneuver of a spaceflight can contain its description.
  • We can import/export a Flight Plan file. We can import an SPK file also.
  • SSVG improved its user interface.

SSVG (Solar System Voyager) is simulation software that allows us to fly our own spacecrafts in the solar system. Each spacecraft (Probe) has three propulsion systems: a Chemical Propulsion Engine, an Electric Propulsion Engine, and a Solar Sail.

The Chemical Propulsion Engine accelerates the Probe instantaneously.
The Electric Propulsion Engine accelerates the Probe continuously.
The Solar Sail is a light sail; it accelerates the Probe continuously, by reflecting the sunlight.

The Probe of SSVG traces very realistic trajectories. It can fly in outer space much more freely than actual spacecrafts. Everyone can fly his own Probes in SSVG, without any special knowledge about space flights.

SSVG shows positions and orbits of a Probe in a three dimensional chart. SSVG shows positions and orbits of a targeting celestial body (Target) also, in the same chart. We can rotate the chart three dimensionally to grasp positional relationships between a Probe and a Target, and their orbits. In addition, we can change the time of the chart; it means that we can see predicted positions of a Probe and a Target in the future or past. See the sample movie below.

See it in YouTube

While using SSVG, you will find answers of various questions about space flights. In addition, you can use SSVG as a demonstration tool of space flight.

Screen shots (click each image to enlarge)
screen shot 1  screen shot 2  screen shot 3


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